Rawlinson 1986

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[Source - Chloe Rushovich for FHYA using material provided by eThembeni Cultural Heritage Management, 2018: In 1986 and 1987, Rob Rawlinson excavated at the uMgungundlovu site. In 1986 Rawlinson was employed as at the University of Zululand and secured research funding through the National Monuments Council to conduct his ancillary excavations at the site, under Franz Roodt's excavation permit. Rawlinson transferred to Rhodes University in the early 1990's and subsequently died in a motor accident. His collection of excavated material was later discovered at the University of Zululand and was returned to Amafa Pietermaritzburg post 2000. Rawlinson's material is listed within the Amafa Register, where it is outlined as an integral part of the Roodt collection, even though Rawlinson's excavation was entirely independent of Roodt's work. Rawlinson's excavation work took place around the uMgungundlovu lower entrance area and included hut floors and a refuse dump near to the lower entrance of the site. The FHYA arranged this material into 1986 and 1987 'subseries' in which 'files' containing digital 'items' which consist of the boxes and their contents.]



Rawlinson 1986

[ Source of title : FHYA using AMAFA materials ]

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Event Actor Event Type Event Date Event Description
Five Hundred Year Archive (FHYA) Online curation 2016 -
Amafa / Heritage KwaZulu Natali - provincial heritage conservation agency (AMAFA) Custody 1986 -
Rob Rawlinson Excavation [19-]



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