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Searching for a phrase
If you use more than one word in a search, you will get results for search term 1 OR search term 2. For example, a search for clan histories will return results for records that contain “clan” OR “histories” but not necessarily together or in that order.

Exact matches (“ “)
If you want to search for a phrase, use quotation marks. For example, a search for "clan histories" will return results that have that exact phrase.

Wildcards (? and *)
If you are not certain about one (?) or more (*) characters, use these placeholders in your query. For example, galax* will find galaxy and galaxies, and gala?y will find galaxy.

Required terms (+)
Prefix any single term or phrase with + to indicate that it is required in all results. For example: +clan history

Field specifiers (:)
Prefix a term with the field name and a colon to restrict search to that field. For example: title:clan description:history

Search hints

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