Davies 1978

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[Source - Chloe Rushovich for FHYA, 2018, using material provided by eThembeni Cultural Heritage Management: In 1978 Oliver Davies joined the winter school run by Martin Hall in conjunction with the University of Cape Town archaeology department, and excavated material at uMgungundlovu. Davies was granted a permit, per/1/45 for reconnaissance work in KwaZulu Natal and East Griqualand on the 30 March 1977. This permit lapsed 31 March 1980. This permit is related to further permits obtained by Davies, all under the same permit number. Davies's excavated material includes 21 boxes of diagnostic and adiagnostic pottery sherds; 53 boxes of unanalysed, waste and diagnostic bone and teeth; 3 boxes of analysed beads with the analysis cards; 1 box of hut floor fragments; 2 boxes of carbon and seeds from all layers of the excavation; and also 2 boxes of metal and waste stone, iron remains, polished stones, dagga pipes, copper and brass bangle remains, slag, grindstones, glass, china and porcelain. Another 2 boxes held at KZNM are catalogued as being part of the 1978 excavations but have been stored under a different shelf number, '1978/141 and 1978/143'. These consist of pottery, china, bone and teeth, wire, steel, seeds, iron, beads, dung and a stone chopper with LSA core fragments. There is no record of what is held within Box number '1978/142'. Equally, 1978/144 and 1978/145 are attributed to uMgungundlovu-Dingaanstadt but there is 'no material' relating to either of these boxes. At KZNM, a further 2 boxes of material taken from Trench 3 have been documented under Box numbers '1978/146' and '1978/147'. These are another mixed assemblage consisting of 'pottery, bone, stone (flake), beads, seeds and a tooth'. A final Box numbered '1978/136' has 2 choppers and an LSA core 'taken from the Dingaanstadt area'. Amafa PMB houses 5 cardboard boxes of this material. It was during these excavations that the bulk of the material excavated from Dingane's floor was reputed to have been collected and this quite clearly constitutes the material now stored at the KZN Museum. The Amafa Pietermaritzburg material consists of some 'metal remnants, faunal materials (teeth and bone), clay pipes, wooden remains, shells, ear plugs, earthenware, European glass and porcelain'. This material appeared to have been accessioned by Amafa Pietermaritzburg in 1978 and 1983. eThembeni was tasked with photographing the contents of a randomly chosen single sorting tray for each type of undiagnostic and diagnostic material, and for each field season. The FHYA has not endeavoured to check precisely how eThembeni interpreted this specification. The FHYA arranged this material into a 1978 'subseries' in which 'files' containing digital 'items' which consist of the boxes and their contents.]



Davies 1978

[ Source of title : FHYA using KZNM materials ]

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