FHYA selection of publications by James Stuart

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[Source – Henry Fagan for FHYA, 2020: A digital collection of six works by James Stuart, a colonial official and an amateur historical researcher, published between 1913 and 1926. Stuart’s first book 'A History of the Zulu Rebellion 1906', was a semi-official account of the Bambatha uprising/impi yamakhanda of 1906. After being commissioned to produce an official account of the conflict in August 1906, his progress on the project was stalled by his other official duties. Following a change of government, support for the project was withdrawn. It was not until 1912 that Stuart resumed work on the book and it was only in August 1913 that it was finally published with the aid of private funds. Stuart’s other five books were a succession of isiZulu readers produced for use in Natal schools. The first four of these books, 'uTulasizwe' (1923), 'uHlangakula' (1924), 'uBaxoxele' (1924), and 'uKulumetule' (1925), drew near verbatim on conversations Stuart had recorded with African interlocutors between the late 1890s and the early 1920s. The last reader, 'uVusezakiti' (1926), was written by Stuart himself, although it too was based on historical evidence supplied by Stuart’s interlocutors.]



FHYA selection of publications by James Stuart

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