Travels and Adventures in Southern Africa


Travels and Adventures in Southern Africa

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[Source - Henry Fagan for FHYA, 2021: A digitised copy G. Thompson's book. The book recounts Thompson's travels in southern Africa during the early 1820s. According to Thompson, the niche of the book was to describe the African groups in the region that were coming into closer contact with the British Empire.]



Travels and Adventures in Southern Africa

[ Source of title : FHYA using George Thompson's material ]

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This copy of the book contains several handwritten notes in the front matter. They are difficult to read and it was decided not to speculate on what they say.

Archival History

[Source - Henry Fagan for FHYA, 2021: Written by G. Thompson before 1827. Published in 1827 by Henry Colburn in London. A copy appears to have entered the custody of Oxford University's Clarendon Press at an unknown date. A stamp indicates it entered one of Oxford University's libraries at an unknown. It was then either moved to Rhodes House (Oxford Library), or it was already in custody there at the time it received a further stamp. Digitised by Google at an unknown date. Downloaded by FHYA in 2021 and uploaded by Benathi Marufu for FHYA in 2021.]

Event Actor Event Type Event Date Event Description
Five Hundred Year Archive (FHYA) Online curation 2021 - Digitised by Google
Rhodes House, Oxford Library Custody YYYY
Henry Colburn Publication 1827
George Thompson Writing before 1827
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Travels and Adventures in Southern Africa


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