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William Ngidi
Commissioned Contributor
Dates of Existence
c. 1830 -
[Source - Benathi Marufu for FHYA, 2022, using the Duma Ndlovu Actor's Academy & Performing Arts School material: William Ngidi is the man who (together with Bishop John Colenso), translated the bible into isiZulu. He also was responsible (again together with Bishop John Colenso) for the first ever Zulu - English Dictionary which was published in 1905. Miraculously, his name was not mentioned in the dictionary and only Bishop Colenso was credited.]


Type  Date  Item 
Writing before 1859 Izindatyana Zabantu Kanye Nezindaba Zas'eNatal
Writing September-October 1859 Three Native Accounts of the Visit of the Bishop of Natal in September and October, 1859, to Umpande, King of the Zulus