3 Kumhleli we Nkanyiso (04/10/1890) Textual record Benathi Marufu for FHYA using material from Inkanyiso item [Source - Benathi Marufu for FHYA, 2022, using material provided by Hlonipha Mokoena: A copy of page three of Inkanyiso 04 October 1890. In this item Magema Fuze writes to the editor of Inkanyiso in response to other readers and disagrees with the use of the term 'abamnyama' to refer to Africans, and notes that he prefers the term 'bantsundu'. Related items include a typescript of this item.]] Creative Commons License: CC BY-NC-ND https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/4.0/ simpleresolver:4829 4636 /Fuze/Fuze_top_levels_43.csv Five Hundred Year Archive (FHYA) Online curation 2022 - Hlonipha Mokoena Collection c.2003 Inkanyiso Publication 1890/10/04 Magema Magwaza Fuze Writing before 1890/10/04 Kumhleli we Nkanyiso (04/10/1890) Fuze/Inkanyiso/IYN_Oct_4_1890_p_3_c_2-3.pdf